Friday, November 27, 2009

Trials of a Thanksgiving Turkey and Stuffing, Part II

Well, I completely changed my plan on the turkey. I had it out in the garage in the freezer and I moved it down to the refrigerator part on Monday morning to thaw out. Well, Tuesday night I said something to Scott about the turkey and he said that it was still frozen. I was freaking out so I brought inside to the refrigerator, put it out on the counter for a few hours in a pand, put it back in the fridge and finally, put it in a cold bath. It finally unthawed but I didn't not get to do the Alton Brown's brine as I did last year.

So, I thought since I skipped his step, I would just combine Bobby Flay and Paula Deen's recipes and just kind of came up with my own. I put all of Bobby's herbs into a butter, lathered up my bird and put it breast side down on 400 degrees for 30 minutes and then I turned it down to 325 for the rest of the time. The skin came out crispy on the bottom half. I popped it in the oven right around 7am and by 10am the little thermometer said the turkey was done--we had another 2 hours to go!! So, my mom and I flipped the bird over and let the breast sit down in all of the juices and turned the temp down to 275 for the next 2 hours. I have to admit that that turkey was some of the most juciest and tenderest turkeys I ever had. The meat, literally, was falling off the bone. When we tried to move the turkey from the roasting pan to the platter, the 2 leg bones just pulled apart from the body.

Finally, after Scott and Debbie carved the turkey, I poured Paula Deen's cranberry glaze over it. It was really, really good.

More on the rest of Thanksgiving in another post.

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