Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog Tutorial

I wanted to pass on 2 awesome sites that I have come across. I love, love, love the lady at Clover Lane. She is from St. Louis and she has some great ideas.

From the Clover Lane lady, she just posted this site, Sneaky Mommy Blog Design with all types of tutorials on how to fix up your blog.

Hope you enjoy.


  1. I didn't know she was from St. Louis! I've been following her for awhile and never knew that. How cool!

  2. How are you putting the links to their blogs in your post?

  3. You type their name(i.e. Marissa) then highlight it,then look for this little thing that looks like a chain lock, a box will appear and then you type in their address (i.e. and it will come up. This is part of the tutorials she gives on the Mommy site.