Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things I Love, Part 2

*Laying in front of the fireplace on a cold, winter's day watching football and taking a nap.

*A long, hot, quiet bath BY MYSELF!

*Listening to my kids play together nicely (doesn't happen too often)

*Watching my hubby hold and play with our babies.

*Family dinners

*Things that make me think and question my thoughts, beliefs and values.

*Disney World


*Drinking my morning coffee in my favorite pj's.

*Talking to my mom on the phone.

*Girls' Night Out

*Hot summer nights at the ballpark.

*Watching Kanin play hockey.

*Date night with Hottie Scottie.

*Taking pictures of my babies even though they don't like being my subjects.

*Crab-stuffed mushrooms from Blues City Cafe in Memphis.

*All military pomp and circumstance.

*Coming home to a clean house (thanks, mom and dad)

*As cliche as it sounds, I love my life!

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