Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 St. Louis Blues Winter Carnival

This year the Blues started a Winter Carnival for season ticket holders. Since Scott had to dj, I decided to take Kanin down to check it out. Here are a few of my favorite pics:

Kanin in front of the zamboni, Olympia. He really wanted to get on it but they weren't letting people sit on it.

Here is Kanin sitting in the penalty box. We used to call the "Naughty Spot" the Penalty Box when he was younger.

They had one of those games where there are 2 bungee cords. Emily, our neighbor, was on the other side pulling the opposite way and trying to make a basket into her goal. Since she outweighs Kanin, he kept getting pulled backwards before he could get close to the goal. On the last attempt, she just stood on the other side and let him pull her backwards so he could make a goal.

For a hockey player, he did pretty good shooting baskets.

Here Kanin is with a St. Louis Blue, Mike Weaver. This game was kind of the same concept as the basketball game. There are 2 people and you are supposed to take these velcro strips and see how far you can run down with them. In the meantime, though, the person next to you is attached to the other part of the bungee cord. When one person runs out far, the other person gets sucked back to the wall.

St. Louis Blue, Eric Brewer, was at this station. Kanin wanted to stop at every shoot or stick-and puck game. I kept thinking that he could do those games in our driveway but that is what he wanted to do, so we did it.

Kanin with Eric Brewer

DJ King. To be a fighter, he is a super nice guy. When Kanin was about 3 years old we got our picture taken with DJ. He and Kanin were posing like they were fighting. I will try to pull out that pic and put these side by side in a future entry.

Aww, Mommy's moment. I wanted to get my picture taken with Cam Janssen so badly. He is a fighter, too. He is a super tough guy on the ice but a down-to-Earth, nice guy off the ice. What can I say? I like the tough guys. LOL

Kanin wanted to get his picture taken with Louie. Sorry to say, it is nothing like getting your picture taken with Fredbird.
We had a great night together. It was fun to get to do something with just the two of us. That doesn't happen very often.

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