Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I Saw Today

While sitting on the couch this morning feeling like crap, I took a look around my destroyed house. My house is never spotless, not even on a feeling good day, but when Mommy is sick . . . well, I think we all know how the house looks when Mommies get sick.

Anyway, I'm sitting there blowing my nose and wishing I could just chop my head off and when I look over to the right THIS is what I see . . .

crumbs from the "bar" that Gracie wanted for breakfast along with what looked like a pirate who lost his last battle . . .

a laundry room full of winter coats, laundry that needs folded and a hockey bag . . .

a mountain of shoes that keeps growing day after day, no matter how many times we carry them up to our closets . . .

and what would life be without some reading material in the bathroom? I especially like this picture because what else do you need? A good book, some candles, hand soap and a hockey stick.

Just a little look into my life.


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. We have a cold, too. Funny, I was trying to avoid getting Caleb sick by not coming over last Sunday, and you ended up getting sick anyway.

    PS, I like your new blog header. Cute!

  2. Sadly, my house looks the same way. My plan is to deep clean tomorrow!