Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12 Days of Christmas/Christmas Holiday Traditions-Day 2

Today's topic for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge hosted by Aly & Molly

Day 2 of the challenge is Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

To be honest, I don't know how much I can add to this topic.  Occasionally, I do go shopping on Black Friday but I'm not one of those people who go out at midnight nor am I waiting outside of a store waiting for it to open.  I like my sleep too much!

I don't have any specific stores that I go to on Black Friday.  If I do plan on going out, I try to find out what the sales are earlier in the week and plan accordingly.

For general shopping, though, my new "trick" is to shop online and to go straight to the Clearance or Sale section on the store's website.  This year I have two nieces who are in 5th grade.  I decided to get them two shirts each.  I know that Abercrombie is really big within that age group so I went out to the Abercrombie site and to the Clearance section.  I was able to get 4 shirts, deliver and with taxes, for under $63.  I thought that was a great deal!  I know the girls will love the shirts, they are more useful than a toy and I was able to save money.  I also shop the Clearance and Sale sections of Gymboree, Children's Place and Baby and Children's Gap.  I already have tons of summer clothes for the kids next year and paid 1/4 of their original price.

Lately, I have signed up for a lot of online coupon sites.  Some of them such as Groupon are available throughout the country while others are local.  Sweet Pennies from Heaven, STL Mommy, and Clippin' with Carrie are a few.  Last week I received an update from Sweet Pennies from Heaven about a Woody dress up kit at Target for 50% off plus free shipping.  I got it for my great-nephew for $7.99 delivered.

That is about it for my shopping tips.  I try to use coupons when possible and for groceries I make shopping lists instead of just showing up with no plan.  I buy a lot of canned goods and snacks at Wal-Mart but save the deli meat for Schnuck's so that I can get Boar's Head. 

For all of you crazy shoppers out there, have fun!


  1. Love your Blog! Your family is too cute!
    I'm a virgin Black Friday Shopper... I'm trying it out this year! I usually a go in ... get out kinda shopper. We will see!

    New Follower!