Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Downhome Christmas

I love Christmas decorations and trees.  I have 3 full-sized trees and countless little ones.  I have enough decorations to decorate 10 families' trees and each year I have to think about what color or theme I want our main tree to be.  The main tree has been my tree.  By my tree I mean that I am the only one who can decorate it and I get to decide on the decorations and color.  We have 5 different stocking sets to match the color of tree that I might decide to put up.  It's a bit excessive and a bit selfish, too, I guess.

I want to make a change this year, though.  I want this Christmas to be about the kids and I really want their help.  For our big tree it is going to be candy-themed.  I already have a bunch of garland and decorations with gum drops, candy canes and peppermint.  I would really like to strink popcorn but I just don't think that Kanin and certainly not Gracie or Caleb are ready to handle a needle and thread.  I think we are going to do paper and glue colored rings for garland, as well.

Do you guys have any traditions that you could pass along?  Any cute and easy crafts?  I am going to buy 2 gingerbread houses and let the kids each decorate one for centerpieces.  I also have these particle board toy soldiers that they each decorated last year.  I am going to put them on the mantle and find some more this year for them to decorate again.

I'd love to hear what you guys do with your kids to make it special.

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