Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Food Nazi

I have a major hassle in my house and I need some help! 

As many of you know, I started a food blog last year to help me with planning meals for the family.  The research for recipes has also allowed me not to get into the rut of making the same things over and over.  The problem, though, is that my kids do not like hardly any of the things that I make.  Yes, there are a few kid-approved recipes, but for the most part, they start with the "I don't like this's" before they have even taken a bite.  It drives me crazy and makes me wonder why I go through the effort?

With my new-found, and hopefully permanent, attitude I really don't want to stress about something small but I guess, in my mind, this isn't a small thing.  I know they are just kids and have no idea the amount of time, effort and money that goes into making dinners but it really gets to me when I take the time to make a home-cooked meal and they automatically either don't like it or within an hour they are asking for a peanut butter sandwich, apples, bananas, candy, etc.  In my mind, if they are hungry an hour later then they didn't eat enough at dinner.

Scott and I were talking this morning and I don't remember ever leaving the table hungry.  I can understand this if I have made something that might be too spicy or too sour but not when it is something as simple as noodles and sauce.  Some of the time it is just the matter that they want to be playing with our neighbor or watching TV but at other times they just simply do not eat.

In the fast-food world that we live in today, I admit that I have fallen into that trap of chicken nuggets, pizza and hotdogs.  While I do give in at times on those types of things, I try to buy all-natural, organic, low-fat items for our home-cooked meals.  I have also tried to mix in very little to no candy, no sodas, no Kool-aid, very few desserts; thus, earning me the name of Food Nazi from Scott. 

So, is this a big deal?  When I make a home-cooked meal that I feel the kids should eat and have no problems with should I make them eat it or just give in and make them the peanut butter sandwich they want and be ensured that they actually ate.



  1. I have always told my students, "This is the food that's offered (such as snack) and if you don't eat it- that's all there is! You get what you get and don't throw a fit." At first, I had picky eaters, but then they were hungry enough that most of them at least try the snack everyday! Hooray! I ask the parents to only bring healthy snacks and it usually works out.

    Your recipes are kid friendly. If I were you, I'd say this is what's offered for dinner! If they want something later, offer only fruit or veggies! You're not a Food Nazi! You care about their well-being! :)

  2. The way it is around here is, I make 1 meal. You can either eat it or go hungry. I am not going to make a seperate meal to please each person. There are many nights where mine refuse to eat too. I have a 3 and a 2 year old. I think it's just a normal kid thing.

    I never force them to eat either.

  3. I never force the girls to eat, but I also grow very tired of me cooking and then hearing "I don't like that" or "that smells nasty". I repeat the same phase EVERY time one of them makes a comment..."As your mom it is my job to put healthy food on the table for you to eat, it is your job to decide whether or not you are going to eat it."

  4. I go through this every day. I make the meal and they can choose to eat it but they have to remember I'm not making another meal/dessert. Now I do try to put something on the table in the whole meal that everyone will like. I make chicken and dumplings. I know someone may only eat the chicken, another may eat the dumplings, and another may pick through it. I love these Amish homemade noodles that have seasonings in them. I ususlly top w/ some sauteed veggies. I know that some of the kids may only eat the noodles but I am ok w/ that. I did grow up in a house where I was forced to eat what was on the table or you didn't leave. I hated that and it created so much resentment. I remember my dad leaving the table and the kids hurrying up to pass the plates to my older brother the human garbage disposal. He saved me many times!! Good luck its never easy trying to get our kids to eat healthy.

  5. Thanks for all of your comments and insights! I'm glad to know that I am not the only one with this struggle. I've gotten a bunch of good tips and I am going to put them into practice. #1 Let them choose at least one item on the table or make sure that there is at least one thing that I know they will like. #2 Leave their plate out for a little bit after we are finished eating. If they come back saying they are hungry, then I will have them eat what was available. #3 I will not force them to eat! #4 Anything that is given after dinner (if they did not eat) will be only fruits or veggies. I'll let you all know how it goes!