Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Dough Ornaments

Earlier in the week my friend, Dawn, posted that she had made ornaments with her daughters.  I had been looking for a fun, easy craft so I immediately asked her for the recipe.  I stopped by Michael's and got 4 tubes of acrylic paint and some brushes and last night we got started.

First, we measured out the flour, salt and water and mixed it altogether.  Then, we rolled it out with a rolling pin.  As you can see, rolling dough is hard work and requires removal of the shirt.

After cutting out our ornaments, they went into a 325 degree oven for about an hour.  After they cooled, it was time to decorate.

It looks like painting also requires removal of the shirt.  How cute is she in her pajama bottoms and pink boots?

Now that Kanin is in 1st grade he really takes his work seriously.  

Even the Boo Boo got in on the action.  He loved painting.  Couldn't you just eat him up?  I love his little chubby hands and how he is really concentrating.

We left them out to dry and then I put a string through the holes.  Remember to punch out holes with a pencil before you bake them!

Here they are hanging on our tree!


  1. Making ornaments with the kids is a great idea! I use to do that when my kids were young. We made a different one each year and dated it. They hang on the tree each year.

  2. I want to do this! What is the recipe?