Saturday, November 13, 2010

Playing Countries

There is an obsession in our house and we call it "countries".  Kanin is enthralled with countries, their flags, who they fight, etc.  He has created his own game of taking normal pieces of paper and drawing countries and their flags on them and then they "do battle" with each other.

This interest started this summer during the World Cup.  He was so interested in what country the U.S. was "battling" or "versus" (in his words) and from there he just got really interested in all countries.

Here is a US Fort

For his current game, he has changed his name to Joshua Smith.  This reads:
By Joshua Smith is my nickname.
By Kanin Westerhold is my real name. 2010 November 12

No, I didn't tell him about WWII, he looked it up on his own.

Here is a picture of the US vs Germany battle.  It looks like I cut off the German flag.

Here is the US and Ghana.  It reads:
Joshua Smith
World War I
Come on, Joshua. 
Let's get the jet pack.
We Win

This is the US vs. Greece

USA vs Germany
Get the MG42

USA vs Russia

My favorite country is Holland

USA Fort





Scott was just playing around with him and told him that we were going to get him a map for his birthday and Kanin said, "Yay!". 

This passion may subside as he gets older but I think it is really cool that he is so into it right now.  Who knows?  Maybe he will be my world traveler, an author, a news reporter.  The possibilities are endless! 

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