Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toy Soldiers

Last year I picked up these little wooden toy soldier and a Santa Clause at Michael's that the kids could color and put them in their stockings.  What I thought was something really small, the kids really loved so I went out and bought 3 toy soldiers this year.  They come with a set of 4 markers and they cost about $2 each.

For our final craft last night, the kids colored their soldiers and we put them up on the mantel.  I realize that if I do this every year for the next 18 years that I am going to have a bunch of wooden figures but that's ok, I'll figure out a place to display them all.

Here is Kanin working on his.  Since he has art at school now he informed me that there really should be no "white part" showing.

In true Gracie fashion, she thought this was "too hard" and wanted Bubba to do hers for her.

Caleb was quite the mess with the markers.  I finally put him in his high chair and gave him one marker at a time.  Thank God that they are washable.

I wrote each of their names, ages and the date on the backs.

Then, up on the mantle they went with last year's creations.

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