Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Decorations 2011

Gracie was so excited to start decorating the house for Christmas this year.  She loved helping to hang all of the ornaments.

Of course, anything that Gracie does then Caleb wants to do, too.

Since I had pics of the other two putting ornaments on the tree, I had to have one of Kanin, too.  Can't you tell how excited he was to take this picture?  Actually, he did kind of "get" in to it.

For the family room tree, I went with my gold, silver, and angel ornaments.

Since the family room tree is gold, I decided to go with gold on the mantel, too.  

I got this Nativity set a few years ago from hosting a Partylite party.  I love it and each piece in the set holds a tea light.

I had to put the kids' crafts out.  I put them on the piano with a red garland behid.  We will be having another Christmas craft night in a couple of weeks that I will add to these.

I bought a Gingerbread house that we are going to do tomorrow night that is going to go right in the center of the buffet.  (I'll post more pics when it is finished.)

Here is the downstais bathroom.

I love this little Christmas tree that I found at Dollar General for $3!!

The toy room tree is a sad little thing but I think it is very sweet, too.  I didn't put a lot of effort into making it "pretty" because I figure that it will probably end up on its side sometime during the Christmas season.  I put multi-colored lights on that Gracie thought was great.

This tree holds the ornaments that the kids have either made or received over the years.  (Pay no attention to the drawing on the wall.  Caleb still hasn't figured out that we write on paper)

I found these sweet letter ornaments last year at Kohl's. 

I bought all of these ornaments before I had a little girl but I fell in love with them.  This year I decided to put it together and put it in Gracie's room.  I can't wait to fid some more "girly" ornaments to add to it.

This banner belonged to Scott's mom and dad and he said that his mom would hang it every year at Christmas time.  

I have a few more things to put out but, for the most part, it is complete.


  1. he, he...I have the same group of three red glitter trees on my dining room table!

    Looks great!

  2. your decorations look great,my kids are so excited we are going to put ours up today :)

  3. Love ALL of your beautiful Christmas decorations!!!!

    I want to put a tree in my room this year.........got to make room lol

  4. Gracie looks older all of a sudden! I love the gold and silver tree. :)

  5. LOve the decorations...especially the "Believe" table area...so fun and festive! Wow, you decorate the bathrooms too! I'm a slacker! It all looks great and love the gold tree. My decor is all blue/silver/white snowmen!

  6. LOVE all your beautiful Christmas decorations! Looks awesome and festive!

  7. I loooove all of your decorations. They look great! How old is Kanin? My son still likes to decorate and he's 7.

  8. It all looks soooo pretty! I love your tree!!!
    Lots of great touches throughout your house.

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Cant wait to see it all Friday!!