Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veteran's Day at Kanin's School

Today was the Veteran's Day program at Kanin's school.  A few weeks ago, he brought home a form in which I filled out my name, branch of service, and military job and attached a picture of myself.  The school took those forms and hung them throughout the school and taught many lessons about patriotism, Veterans, and sacrifice.

When I showed up today, there was a lounge area that had several tables and chairs.  The students at Kanin's school made tons of cards and they were laying all over the tables.

Our student walked us into the gymnasium where they held a ceremony.  The children sang songs and read poems.

Each Veteran's name was called along with their branch of service and both the Veteran and their student stood up to get recognized.  They played a medley of service songs and as each branches song played, those respective Veterans stood up.
"The Army Goes Rolling Along" came on, I was proud to stand up.

When the ceremony was over, the Veteran's and their student went back out into the lounge for some baked goodies and to chat for a bit before the student heading back to class.

I'm happy that I got to attend the Veteran's Day ceremony at Kanin's school.  He was proud of his Mommy and I was proud of my time in the Army.  It was a very sweet program and it made me happy to see so much respect and honor from the staff and students at Kanin's school.

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