Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kanin's 8th Birthday Party, Part 1

This year Kanin couldn't decide what kind of birthday party he wanted.  Last year he had his first "friend" party and he wanted to have another one this year BUT he couldn't decide what he wanted to do so time got away from us so we decided that I would make a couple of his favorite dishes, order a cake, and have our family come over.

Kanin got some great presents from his Mama and Papa, aunts and uncles and his almost aunt Sue.

Ali and Aidan (cousins) each made him their very own birthday card.  They really put a lot of time and effort into them. 

Finally, it came time to open Mommy and Daddy's present.  I really wanted to wait until his actual birthday (today) to give him his gift but Scott had early cases and wanted to be here when he opened it so we gave it to him on Saturday.

Yes, this was a hard one for me to swallow.  Kanin does love the St. Louis Cardinals but he also likes the Yankees.  I've ever been a Yankees fan but I guess that doesn't mean that Kanin can't be.

Anyway, the Gaga talked me in to getting Kanin a Yankees jersey for his birthday. . .

This is an "excited face" for Kanin.

Since he has gotten so in to baseball this year, he wanted a baseball cake.  We decided just to order a cake from Costco. 
(Side note:  If you have never had a Costco cake, you are missing out.  We actually served Costco sheet cakes as our wedding cake.  We had a small decorated cake made for pictures and to cut in front of people while all of the guests received Costco sheet cakes that the staff cut in the kitchen.  People raved about our wedding cake when really each sheet cake only cost us $17-ha!)


  1. What a fun party he gad!!! LOVE all the baseball things he got. Mainly the Jeter jersey =)

    The cake is tooo cute

  2. I have a Jeter jersey.........got it when I went to NYC and the only Y.S in 2003

  3. Wow!! Happy to see this awesome birthday party. The birthday boy looks very happy. I too arranged my son’s birthday party at one of venues in Chicago. Went with star wars theme that was loved by him. Was happy to make the party amazing.