Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trainer Workout #1

After several months of trying to lose baby fat and tone up with very little results, I went ahead and got a trainer.  He has been kicking my butt!  I bought 24 sessions but I started thinking about if I will really want to buy another package after this one is done and I really don't know.  Anyway, I decided to start writing down what I do with him so that I can come back to it later and so that all of you can benefit, as well.

I will try to be as accurate as possible but some of the things I have no idea what they are called.

-Warm up for 5 minutes.  Nothing too strenuous.

-Do the following circuit 3x with minimal rest in between exercises.  Once you are finished with a circuit, take a couple of minutes to walk around, get a drink, catch your breath and get back to it.
    -Walk on the treadmill at 15 incline for 3 minutes going no slower than 2.8mph.  (By the 3rd round, I was down to 2.1 but he made me go back up to 2.8 for the final minute).
     -Using a 15lb kettlebell (increase if too light), hold on with both arms and squat down.  In one motion swing it out in front of you up to about eye level.  Repeat 30 times.
     -30 push-ups.  I did 10 "boy" and then 20 on my knees
     -Using no lighter than a 5lb weight, do 30 overhead presses

Once you have gone through this circuit 3 times, take a couple of minutes to recover.

Do the following rotation 3x:
     -15 cable torso rotations on each side (do 15 on one side, 15 on the other)
     -Plank for 30 seconds

Rest for a couple of minutes.

Do the following rotation 3x:
     -Using a medicine ball or heavy weight, sit on your butt, raise your legs off the ground.  Hold the ball/weight in your hands and twist side to side touching the ball to the ground on each side.  Do 30 touches.
      -Plank for 30 seconds.

You are finished!

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