Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trainer Workout #3

5 minute warm up.  Nothing too strenuous.

Do the following circuit for 1 minute each.  Take a 10 second rest in between each one.  Once completed, rest for 1 minute.  Do the entire circuit 4x.
   -1 minute seconds of squats
  -1 minute seconds of mountain climberes
  -1 minute seconds of push ups
  -1 minute of wall sits with a dumbell curl

Take a couple of minutes to catch your breath. Get a drink of water.  Walk around.

Alternate the following 3x each.
  -Shoulder press
  -15 jump squats

Take a minute to rest.

Alternate the following 3x each.
  -Bench pres
  -Lunges 15x each leg

Take a minute to rest.

Do the following 3 times.
  -Sit on a bench with your knees off the ground and bounce a ball on one side and twist and bounce it on the other.  Do this 30x.

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