Friday, April 9, 2010

Trainer Workout #5

Warm up fo 5 minutes.  Nothing too strenuous.

Since today's workout is focused on weights, you do not have to hurry through the workout.  After each rep, take your time to recover. 

Do the following circuit 3x, 15 reps each:
  -Utilizing the Leg Press machine, put your feet to the far outside of the panel and point your toes outward.  Bring the bar down as close to your stomach as possible.  The machine naturally has about 45lbs.  The first time through I added 45lbs and I worked up by the 3rd round to a total of 140lbs.
  -Utilizing the Bench Press, lift the big bar 15x.  I did about 35-40lbs.

Do the following circuit 3x each:
  -Using the Lateral Pull Down, use the split bar that looks like a triangle (I don't know what it is called), do 15 reps.  I was doing 60lbs.
  -Bulgarian Split Squats.  Stand about 1 1/2 feet away from a bench and put one leg behind you up on the bench.  Squat/lunge down while putting all your weight on the foot on the ground.  Do not use the foot that is on the bench at all.  12x each side.


Do the following circut 3x each:
  -Utilizing the Shoulder Press machine, do 15 reps.  I did 45lbs
  -Straight leg Dead Lift, 12x.  With your feet close together, leg slightly bent, keeping your back arched, slowly lower the bar down your legs close to your knees and back up.  I did a 30lb small bar.  (Basically, stick your butt out).


Do the following with no rest:
  -Plank 30 sec-1 min
  -Roll over on your back. Put your hands under your butt to support your back.  Lift your legs 8-10 inches off the ground.  Hold for 30 sec-1 min
  -Plank 30 sec-1min
  -Sit on your butt.  Lean back with your arms out in front of you and lift your legs off of the ground, too.  Try to bring your legs and arms parallel to the ground while balancing on your butt.  Hold 30 sec-1 min
  -Plank 30 sec-1 min

You are finished!