Thursday, June 30, 2011

Caleb's 1st Haircut

The time had finally come for Caleb to get his 1st haircut.  I always put the 1st cut off as long as possible because it seems like as soon as those little, fine wisps of hairs are snipped, I no longer have a baby.

All 3 of my kids have had their 1st haircuts at the Hairy Elephant.  It is a local salon that caters to children.  They get to choose what vehicle to sit in and what movie to watch.  For the 1st haircut, you also get a certificate, a picture, and a few curls of that baby hair.

Caleb chose "Bo Bob Pair Pants" otherwise known as Spongebob Squarepants. 

See that hair in his eyes?  

The first snip.  Amazingly, I didn't cry.

Caleb did really well and sat still for as long as he could.  Our stylist was very patient with him and kind of just moved in whatever direction he did.

See that little boy starting to emerge?

No longer a baby:(


  1. This makes me wanna cry...happy and is so hard to cut their hair b/c you are right, the little boy emerges!! My Mom always told me that each time you have your little boy's hair cut, they get a little bit meaner! LOL! I thought it was a joke until blake started getting haircuts! LOL!

  2. His little surfer locks are gone! :( He looks like such a big boy now!

  3. I know, Holly. I am going to let his hair grow back out to the surfer look. It was really cute. She actually took a little more off than I wanted but oh, well. It will grow back!