Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Day of 1st Grade and the Parade

Today was Kanin's last day of 1st Grade.  The last day of school always ends with all of the students walking through the neighborhood in their annual parade.

Kanin's school mascot is the eagle.  One of the dad's always hooks this huge eagle to his truck and drives it in the parade.

The Cub Scouts and Brownies always walk in the parade and carry the colors.

Does this smile just not melt you heart?  Kanin was more excited for the parade this year than last year. 

When I saw Kanin walking down the lane, I definitely teared up.  I know that some people may think that is silly but that's just the way I am.  While I love seeing my kids grow and learn, it makes me sad to think that with each year that passes that I am one year closer to them leaving me.  Wasn't it just yesterday that he was walking in his very first parade in kindergarten?  (Notice he didn't have his front teeth last year and now he has a mouth full)

Each grade has a color and 1st grade's color is blue.  All 1st graders wore blue shirts and carried blue pom poms.

At the end of the parade his teacher, Mrs. Vice, told me that Kanin bounced, jumped, and skipped the whole way.  He was one sweaty boy at the end.

This is his teacher, Mrs. Vice.  Mrs. Vice has taught 1st grade for over 25 years but she is definitely not one of those teachers who gets complacent or is stuck in her ways.  She is open to learning, open to new teaching styles, and very much open to letting the children learn the traits of responsibility, self-control, and leadership.  We were so blessed to have Mrs. Vice as Kanin's 1st grade teacher.  She encouraged his love for geography and "countries."



  1. Just precious!! I remember my kids "graduation" from Kindergarden and it still brings tears to my eyes!

    Thanks so much for linking up with The Tuesday Train!!

  2. I am Tuesday Train hopping! Follow me too?

  3. I love Kanin's Italy soccer jeresy! What a doll... It looks like he has lost his baby face from last year. :( Enjoy being home with him this summer... We will HAVE to meet up!! :)