Thursday, June 30, 2011

Look What We Saw Yesterday

My older two kids are in Bible School this week (more later on this) so I decided to take Caleb and try to get some outdoor pictures.  Our local Rec Plex has a really nice little pond with a bridge, gazebo, waterfall, and tons of wild flowers.  It is a popular spot for weddings, wedding pics, senior pics, and family photos.

Caleb has the sweetest smile, when it is natural, but when I try to get him to smile it is crooked and very forced.  LOL  I did end up getting a few good pictures of him, though.

Forced smile-Haha

Love those little lips

Caleb ran back and forth across this bridge about 50 times.

And then I saw this about a foot from him.

And, this in the water.

And then, I screamed and grabbed him and left.  I don't think they were poisonous but just about gave me a heart attack all the same.


  1. I saw this on your FB... How scary! Caleb is starting to look like such a little boy; I love his hair!

    Speaking of the Rec... That's where Chris and I got married, at dusk in October.

  2. What a CUTE little man you have!!! You got some sweet candids of him!
    Okay and the snake--I would have flipped out!!