Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Purina Farms

Today I took the kids to Purina Farms.  It is located about an hour outside of St. Louis and it is a great 1/2 day adventure.  Purina Farms is a small place but it is free and the kids had a great time.

Right when you walk through onto the grounds there is a huge coy pond.  The kids loved looking at the fish but I was afraid that Caleb was going to fall over into it.  He kept getting down and putting his face right above them saying, "Hi, Hi, Hi."

Since Purina Farms is such a small place, I decided to leave the stroller at home and let Caleb be a "big kid."  

Here is Mable the cow.  The kids thought it was so cool that they actually got to pet a cow and then later on they got to milk her, too.  

Cows are milked for about 60 days after having their calf.  Mable is almost ready to breed again so she wasn't producing a lot of milk.

I thought Gracie would really freak out over touching the cow because, let's face it, she is a diva princess but she walked right up and did it.

At first I only let Kanin and GracieAnn go up because there were a lot of kids but Caleb threw a fit until I let him do it, too.

Then, he got milk all down his arm.

Steve, the cow guy, let Gracie go 3 times.  I guess it isn't only her dad that she can wrap around her finger.

After milking the cow, we went outside to watch the dog show.  The dogs did agility, frisbee catching, and long jump into the pool.  There was even a pot-bellied pig that did some of the agility, too.  The kids loved the dog show.  Even Caleb was mesmerized and sat there and watched and clapped.

After the dog show, we went back into the barn to pet a few more animals.

There was a rabbit.

Some type of bird.  I didn't catch the name but it was really soft.

There also were a couple of baby bigs but I guess I didn't take a pic of that.

Next, we moved outside to look at some ducks and geese.

We had a lot of fun at Purina Farms.  The only thing missing was our Daddy.  We will have to go back again and take him.  Can you see Scott milking a cow?  HAHAH

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  1. How fun and cute is this?! They are pretty brave for milking that cow, I know some kids would be squeamish :) PS I have the same top as your little girl, but I can't lie, it looks way cuter on her, lol