Thursday, March 15, 2012

Admit When I'm Wrong

I was wrong.  I will admit. 
I held out for so many years.  Turned my nose up.  Said I had no interest. 
I was wrong.
I am absolutely obsessed with my new Kindle.  I LOVE the convenience of it.  I love that I can take it anywhere.  I love that with one little touch of a button, I can have a book right in my hands.  No more waiting to go to the store.  Just click and start reading.
I've had the Kindle for 2 weeks and I have read 4 books and I'm on my 5th.  I am truly obsessed!
I got the cheapest Kindle

and while I love it, I wish I would have gotten either the touch or the one with the little keyboard.  It really isn't THAT big of a deal but I would have gone up a step.

Other than that, the only other major complaint (and the main one I had with even getting the Kindle) is that you can't share books.  Yes, there is an option on SOME books if you are a member of Prime Club that you can share a book 1 time but, for the most part, there is no sharing.  That really is the only bad thing that I have found about it.

Also, another complaint I have is that there is no backlighting so if you want to read in bed you have to have a reading light or turn on a lamp which isn't always greatly accepted by the hubs.  I finally got smart, though, and downloaded the Kindle iPad app.  Since the iPad has backlighting, I can now lay in bed and read at night without disturbing anyone.  It is fantastic.

I do miss the turning of the pages and the smell and feel of a real book but not enough to ever go back.  At this rate, reaching my goal of reading 50 books will be no problem!

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