Monday, March 19, 2012


I started off with Caleb's closet. 

As you will see, there is a lot of stuff on that top shelf.  Mostly, there are sweaters and vests that Kanin wore that I have saved for Caleb.  As he grows into them, I pull them down into his rotation of clothes.  I also have some other clothing keepsakes such as the outfit that he came home from the hospital in, first Halloween costume, etc.

After going through everything, I pulled the keepsake stuff down and I am going to put that in a bin down in the basement. 

Here are his donate items.

Here are the items I sent to consignment.  Actually, I pulled back that little blue and yellow sweater outfit.  It was his first Easter outfit.  I know, as stated in a previous post, I am a hoarder.

Next, I moved on to Kanin's closet.

I took the fitted sheet down and put it in the linen closet with the rest of the sheets.  I lined up all of his flip flops (can you tell he is after my own heart) and then straightened up the clothes.

Here are the clothes I took to consignment.

Here are the measely flip flops we donated.  I guess we should have just tossed them.


  1. The fact that you told us that you pulled the Easter outfit back made me laugh at my desk. :)

  2. Hey April!! I love a good de-clutter project. Here's my current one: Freezer and pantry. I'm only buying dairy, bread and produce until we have eaten all the permanent fixtures out of the freezer and pantry. It's so cool to actually see plenty of room in the pantry and freezer. I'm acting like we are moving and have to eat it all. :))) Fun stuff!!

  3. Girl you are on a roll!!! Good for you! I am working on closets right now too! I hate, hate, hate cleaning closets though!!! Maybe I will be brave and post about it, if it ever gets done! =)