Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wrapping Up Hockey/Father-Son Game

Last night we had a fun night of hockey.  The season ended a couple of weeks ago but our team booked one last sheet of ice and had a Father/Son game followed by pizza and some awards.

Last year Scott helped coach Kanin's team but he couldn't commit this year so he was very excited to finally be out on the ice with Kanin again.

They were the first two on the ice and they had it all to themselves for a bit.  I love this picture.

They played 4 on 5 (dad's 4, boys 5).  Of course, the boys wanted to take the dads down.

The dads were grateful for shift changes!

They played cross-ice and the other half of the ice was shared with another team doing a dad/son game.  Scott got "checked" in to the "boards" and went over.

When the kids were in "Learn to Play" hockey, the league provided little awards and a pizza after the season.  Since moving up this year, each team was responsible for doing their own end-of-the-year activities.  About half way through the season, we decided that all parents would donate a quarter for every goal scored.  Wow, we scored a lot of goals!

We ended up buying these great hockey picture frames for each kid with a team picture in it.  They also got a little medal.  We had pizza and some cupcakes, too.  Our team record ended up being
31-8-3.  Not a bad record, I'd say!

The best thing they received, though, were these cute little books.  Each page had an action shot of the players and a place for them to sign. Every boy got a book of their team with autographed pictures underneath.  Here is Kanin signing his page for somebody.

So, that wraps up hockey for this season.  He could play 3 on 3 and some other little clinics but I think he is going to take a break until tryouts in August.  We don't want to push him (A LOT of parents do) and I think it is good for HIM to decide what sports he wants to be involved in.

I love his smile here.  What a happy boy.

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