Saturday, March 24, 2012

And, Just Like That . . .

WOW!  What a difference a few days make.  Things have definitely changed a lot for me over the past few days.  Big changes.  Exciting changes.  You might have noticed that I have posted much in the last week and the things that I have posted, they have been pre-scheduled . . .oops, guess I shouldn't have told you that?
For those of you who don't know or you are a new follower, let me tell you a little about myself.

I spent my whole life wanting to be a teacher.  I have always loved to read and yes, I loved diagramming those pesky sentences in high school so I when I went to college I became an English teacher.  I only taught English for a couple of years, though, because the idyllic dream of students loving language and reading as much as I did was quickly dispelled when I had a desk thrown across the room at me.

I also always had an interest in the military.  Specifically, I thought it would be "fun" to do the obstacle courses and I dreamed of being able to travel around the world.  So, I quit teaching and went to basic training and went on to go to military intelligence school.  I worked full-time for the Army National Guard for about 6 years before I decided to stay home with my babies.  BTW, all of these "Warrior Dashes" that everyone raves about . . . I don't participate.  I figure I've done enough of those in my lifetime. ha!

All along, though, I've loved visiting new places, eating at new restaurants, learning about different cultures, looking at pictures of exotic locations, etc.  Yes, there are people far more traveled than me but I feel that it has been a trade off because I wouldn't exchange my kids for anything.  I'll admit, though, I've been jealous at some of the people that I have met that and the places they have been.

A few years ago, I thought about becoming a travel agent.  This would be a great place for me to help people go on fantastic trips and for me to earn some travel privileges myself.  As it turned out, though, I ended up with my Sweet Baby Caleb so I kind of just put that thought out of my mind.

Caleb will be 3 in July . . . 3 ! in July and I thought it was time that I start looking ahead to the future and what I will do when all of my babies are in school. 

So, I decided to email a local travel agency  and told them a little about my story.  I also offered up what I was looking for and how I could benefit them.  Basically, I asked for help to enter into the travel industry on a 100% commission basis in exchange for me being able to work from home.  What this did for the agency, 5 Star Travel and Cruises, is allow them to benefit from anything that I would sell for them but not be out the money of paying me an hourly wage.  And you know what?  I heard back from the owner.  It was amazing.  An email turned in to a 30 minute phone call turned in to a face-to-face meeting turned in to them offering me the job.  What is truly amazing about this whole thing is that the owner said she felt like it was almost looking in a mirror because she started her career in travel the exact same way.  A stay-at-home mom who dabbled in it until she was able to do it full-time.

One of the things that I think will kind of set me apart from other agents is that I truly want to make each trip a great experience.  I am not doing this for the money.  I know that sounds ridiculous but I'm really not.  The way I look at it is that right now I am not bringing any money into the household so I don't have the monkey on my back of "I need this paycheck to pay my bills."  I've been in that position before and in these types of industries (real estate, travel, etc) having that pressure of you have to have a paycheck right now, is not a good place to be.  Plus, since most paperwork can be done electronically, quotes sent electronically, and I have a phone, I can do everything from home that I could do in the office anyway. 

Instead, this is really an adventure for me.  I get to research fantastic hotels, other cultures, problem-solve to work within people's budgets but most importantly, I get to help them make memories!  How cool is that?

One of the first things that I have done is start in a program called the Disney College of Knowledge.  You guys know how I LOVE Disney.  If not, check out this post, Disney 2010So, I love that I am learning tons of ways to make a Disney vacation even magical.  I've already found out a ton of cool stuff to do outside of the parks that I never even knew about.  Plus, I have already helped plan tons of DW vacations for my friends and family so this way I will get a little money for it and I will have a lot more access to help plan an even better experience.
Look how little these babies were.

Anyway, so there is my story.  I'm really excited to start this new chapter in my life.  It honestly has consumed me the last few days and I love it!

Of course, if YOU need help planning ANY trip I would to help.  You can email me at April at

P.S. Did you know that when you use a travel agent that you pay nothing extra?  Travel agents are actually paid through the resorts and hotels so there is no commission fee added to anything. 


  1. Congratulations! So exciting! Whenever we get our second honeymoon I'll definitely be hitting you up :)

  2. Congratulations! My Mom has been a travel agent (outside sales) since we were kids. Some great perks and we got to travel the world. Enjoy! Sounds like a perfect fit!!

  3. wow, congrats...what an awesome experience and adventure for you!!! bummer, we booked DisneyWorld last month for May...I would have totally used ya!