Monday, March 12, 2012

Kanin's 1st Baseball Practice

This past Saturday Kanin had his very first baseball practice.  I have wanted him to play baseball for so long but he never had very much of an interest in it until this year.  When he announced he wanted to play baseball this year, I was so happy!

I was also a little apprehensive because he never played t-ball or anything before so I wasn't sure that he would pick it up.

Well, he showed me wrong.

I don't know how he caught this ball with his glove turned that way.

Since this was the first practice the coach started them off on a tee just to see their mechanics.  They then switched to coach pitch and Kanin did great.  He said that he wanted to hit left-handed, too.  The coach indulged him and let him try it and wouldn't you know it. . . I think he had a "prettier" left-handed swing than right.
His first game isn't until April.  He absolutely loved the first practice so I'm hoping that he really enjoys playing.


  1. how cute is that! love the action shots and glad he was so happy out there on the field! we're huge baseball fans and love this time of year!

  2. Great pictures... and I love your header. Did you decide on a parade for Friday?

  3. Love that pic with the big smile on his face, and especially the one where he is catching backwards. Can't wait till all of these kids baseball games start. Dad and I may have to split up our time, or take turns going to games!