Friday, May 13, 2011

Caleb Finally Awake at the Zoo

Since the entire month of April it pretty much rained, I decided to take advantage of the couple of pretty days we had this past week and take Caleb and Grace to the zoo.

I know people have told me before but I must have forgotten that if you get to the zoo before 10:00am A LOT of the extra activities are free . . . including parking!

I went ahead and renewed our membership (such a great deal if you go more than one time a year) and headed to see the stingrays and sharks.  Since it was before 10:00, it was free.  It is only $1.50/person with a membership if you happe to get there after 10:00.

Both kids loved watching them swim around but neither one wanted to reach out and touch them.  Mommy did, though.

The most exciting part of the day . . . Caleb was awake the whole time!  This is the first zoo trip where he got out of his stroller and walked around for most of the time we were there and stayed awake to see the attractions.  

The carousel was not moving when I took any of these pics.

Gracie and I love looking at the elephants.  Caleb was really excited this time, too.

Of course, a zoo trip is not complete unless you ride the train. 

One of the stops is right by the tigers.  It is probably the best view to get to see them.

In the end, though, Sweet Baby Caleb just couldn't hold on.  He fel asleep on the train.  I guess the jostling, the noise from the engine, and the wind blowing on his face was just too much.

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  1. We love our zoo membership! so worth the money. We haven't been in a while. My son has a field trip to the zoo this month. Pictures are very cute. Thanks for linking up with us at the S&R weekend hop and for sharing the button. Have a wonderful weekend!