Friday, May 13, 2011

Send Your Expired Coupons to Military Bases Overseas

With the popularity of the TLC show Extreme Couponing, it seems like everyone is looking for a way to save extra money through coupons.  I have a friend who is hostinga coupon party in June where an extreme couponer is coming to her house to teach her and her guests about couponing.

While looking over CouponKadie, I saw where she said that we could send our expired coupons to U.S. military bases overseas and those military families can use them for up to 6 months.  How fantastic is this?

Do you have old coupons in your coupon book?  I know that I just threw away a ton of them. I am so bummed!

You can read more about the Overseas Coupon Program here.

To adopt a military base, click HERE!

I cannot wait to do this.  Thanks to CouponKadie for posting this information.


  1. Kinda bummed I just threw out some.... what a wonderful! Super glad I read this post... just FB'd it :)

  2. is another website with information on sending coupons overseas to military families.
    The main difference between them and the site you linked is that CouponsToTroops suggests sending directly to a military family and not just a generic address on base. Lots of times the bases don't have enough volunteers to distribute the coupons and they end up in a stack in a back room somewhere until way past that 6 month window. When you send to a family, you KNOW there are getting right in the hands of someone who will use them or share them with others on base.
    I have a list of families who are overseas and looking for coupons so if anyone needs help in finding someone to send to I'll be glad to help. Just email me at sbp at hotcouponworld dot com.