Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When Will It Stop?


Today I am so sad.  I am so sick of hearing of tornadoes and deaths and flooding and loss of homes and loss of property. 

Yesterday the Army Corps of Engineers was in the horrible position of choosing whether to break a levee and flood 130,000 acres of prime farmland and flood over 100 homes or do nothing and let the Illinois town of Cairo be wiped out.  They decided to go ahead and breech the levee last night which will create a spillway and flood all of that land. 

Here are just a few pics from the Birds Point Floodway and there are still 2 more places in the levee that they will breach. 

All of these pics are only from the breech of the levee last night, there are other towns and communities that are flooded, as well.  A secondary levee was breached at Lake Wappapello spilling water over and taking out a highway. 

My cousin has lost everything in Morehouse, MO.  Most of these people do not have flood insurance because these towns and communities have never flooded and there has never been a threat of flooding.  I don't think most people even knew that it would be possible to flood since these towns were so far away from the levees and rivers.

I haven't lived down in Southeast Missouri for years and years but all of these little towns are home to me.  Most of my extended family and friends still live down there and they are all be affected:  their homes being flooded, highway passages for them to get back/forth to work are closed, schools are out, and the rain just keeps coming.

My heart is just breaking for all of these people. 


  1. With our flooding, I feel so fortunate we are required to have flood insurance. My heart breaks for people like your cousin.
    I was at the breach last night and it was awesome! Hoping everything goes smoothly and as planned.

  2. How unspeakably horrible. I cannot imagine knowing that someone has purposely chosen to take your home away. I'm with you - I feel beat down by all the heart ache, misery, and death. So, so sorry for your family.

  3. I know, so sad. I am sorry :(

    random, but I love your new header...beautiful, blessed family :)

  4. OMG!!!
    So so sorry for your cousin. I worked in Advance Mo (south of cape giradau) for a while - best people in the world down there!

    I have a friend in AK and they're in the same position....she's confident they won't be flooded, but I'm so worried they'll choose to flood her.

    When will it stop, indeed!

    Thanks for riding the train. Now following to keep in the loop.

    The Survival Mama