Thursday, May 12, 2011

Young Authors Fair and Art Show

This week Kanin's school had its Young Authors Fair and Art Show.  This is a night where families can go to the school and see the projects that their students has worked on all year long.

When we got to Kanin's room, Room 11, this is the sign that greeted us:

Kanin read to us from his journal.  There were many journal entries about sports, his favorite foods, and things he likes to do.

This large envelope contained his various writings throughout the year.  They go to decorate the outside and, of course, Kanin's portfolo had a US, Canada and Mexican flag because
"We do live in North America."  Remember his obsession with countries?

This is Kanin's Birthday Story.  I love this idea and wish that every teacher would do this so I could have one for every year.  On Kanin's birthday he stood in front of the class while his classmates asked him questions.  Mrs. Vice, his teacher, then wrote the answers out in story form and hung them up around the room.  All of the kids are so proud of their own, personal stories.  I had to laugh at some of his answers, though.  Some of these facts were news to me.

In Kanin's art class they work on one big project for several weeks along with other drawings and paintings.  This year they all made ceramic kittens and painted them.  It took several art classes to complete this.

Here is one of his drawings along with some cut out material patchwork as a border.

When I was trying to find his picture, Scott pointed it out right away because it was Germany colors.  My boy (and his Mom and Dad) really loves Germany.  I really hope I get to take him there someday.

Here is a painting of trees in the snow at night.

While we were at the school, Kanin's friend, Blake, was showing his mom his artwork, as well, so we grabbed a picture.

Blake's little sister, Taylor, and Gracie are friends, too.  Gracie just loves Taylor.

These rules were posted out in the common area of the 1st grade pod.  

Kanin was so proud of his work and I could tell that he tried really hard and took pride in it.  I'm glad that we were able to go up and see how much he has learned this year and what he has been working on for the past 9 months. 

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