Friday, May 20, 2011

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage

I told you here that growing up I loved the WWF.  My sister, cousin Matthew, and I were huge fans and used to "play" wrestling all of the time.  We would lay a blanket in the floor and that would be our ring.  Then, we would fling each other down onto the floor or "out of the ring" onto the couch.  We would pin each other down while the third one was the referee.  It is a wander that we never broke an arm or our necks!

For a few years we ate, drank, and slept wrestling.  We had a family friend, Howard, who took us to our first wrestling event at the Show-Me Center in Cape Girardeau and we were all mesmerized.  The pageantry, the music, the high flying.  I can still remember all of it.

My guy was Macho Man Randy Savage. 


I think he became my #1 favorite wrestler at Wrestlemania IV when he won the WWF title.  As a girl and full of romantic ideas, I fell in love when he lifted his valet (and real-life wife at the time), Miss Elizabeth, up on his shoulders and walked around the ring while Hulk Hogan congratulated him. 

You can watch it here.  I just watched it and, honestly, got a little teary-eyed.

I know that sound ridiculous but this was a big part of my childhood, my innocence.  I would dream about being Miss Elizabeth and walking Macho Man down the aisle and up onto the ring, sitting on that second rope and letting him climb in to defend his WWF title.


When I saw the update that Macho Man Randy Savage had died in a car crash earlier today in Florida I was really sad.  It was almost like a piece of my childhood was taken away.  That may sound dramatic to some but that is how much I loved the WWF as a child. 

I thought it was kind of funny, if that is the right word, that several people either texted me or sent me the news article today to let me know about his death.  Everyone knew that he was my guy.

He was dramatic, over-the-top, high-flying, strong, charismatic, good smack-talker, and larger than life.  All of the things that a champion in wrestling should be.

Even though he hasn't wrestled in years, he is still my favorite; always will be. 


  1. oh my gosh, I didn't know he had passed. I too, used to LOVE watching college, I was even able to go see them live at Reliant Stadium in Houston! I loved that stuff and would watch it weekly with my cousins.

  2. ...and randomly, congrats on your fastest 5K ever...that's awesome time!!!

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