Thursday, May 19, 2011

I, Robot

With only a couple weeks left of school, Kanin's class is studying robots and had the assignment to build their own robot but it could not be made of Legos or Imaginext.  Since Gaga is the creative one, it was his turn to help out with homework.

First they took a Girl Scout Cookie box and covered it with tin foil.

They pulled all of the toilet paper out of 2 rolls of toilet paper.  They covered them with tin foil and then cut and glued the rolls to the bottom of the box.

Next the curled some pipe cleaners and glued them into the box for arms.

They added some googly eyes and used a butterscotch candy for a nose.

Finally, Kanin glued Skittles and Fruit Loops to the box to decorate the body of the robot.

Here's his final project:

We left it laying down on the table so that the glue can really dry.  Kanin is so excited to see the robots that his classmates bring to school tomorrow.


  1. April, you have such a cute blog and such a cute family! Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. You are so sweet!

  2. That looks like a fun project just for a craft idea, might have to do that this summer on a rainy day.

  3. Love the Robot... except now I want girl scout cookies....onbviously for robot making reasons. I would ONLY selflessly eat the cookies for science of course.