Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jammin' In the Park

For the past couple of years I have wanted to go up to the Civic Park for Jammin' in the Park.  They put it on every Tuesday night and they have a different genre of music every week.  While they offer a couple of food stands, most people bring their own food and coolers and just sit out and enjoy the music.

Scott took Kanin and Gracie with him for haircuts and I had Caleb and all of the stuff.  I didn't want to make more than one trip so poor Caleb got stuffed in the wagon with all of the supplies (cooler, 2 chairs, playpen, diaper bag and citronella candles).

The one bad thing about Jammin' in the Park is that it is a park so there is playground equipment.  Gracie had a moment when she was told that she had to eat before she could go play.

Sue, Jacob and Annabelle went with us, too.  Nothing like stuffing a chicken nugget in your mouth so you can ride the rocket-backwards.  LOL

It was a Jazz Band and a Community Band playing last night which basically equals a patriotic theme.  The crowd was a little older (a lot older) but it was still a good time.

Baby Annabelle just enjoyed lounging out on the blanket.
I don't know if Kanin is trying to be a hippie with the Peace sign or if he is trying to do rabbit ears and missed his target.  Either way, I love this picture.
I brought Caleb's playpen (very smart of me) and he had a fun time rolling around in there.

Of course, after dinner the kids all wanted ice cream and I think Scott really wanted it, too.  He didn't eat anything beforehand and told me he was just going to have ice cream for dinner.

Funny thing, see how the truck is called the Ice Cream Lady but it is a man in a pink shirt.  Scott thought that was funny.

Kanin with an ice cream smile.

Gracie finally ate and got to play on the equipment.  You can tell by her smile that she was happy.

I love summertime just for these kinds of nights.  Free music in the park, ice cream, hanging out with friends and just enjoying each other.

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