Friday, June 25, 2010

Rant and Rave Friday


Koman Coulibaly single-handedly brought non-soccer USA fans out of the with his blown call in the 2010 World Cup.  The horrible call cost Coulibaly the head referee position and he has been suspended from officiating in any of the subsequent elimination games.  It just makes me wonder if this is something personal against the US because during today's game against Algeria, another goal was disallowed and called off-sides, which is clearly was not.  I think that it would be very easy to impose your personal feelings on a country if you were one of the judges.  Just saying . . .

In the last week there have been two separate stories about children dying because they were left in cars.  One of the stories came from Southeast Missouri in which twin 2-year-old girls somehow got out of the house, in their car and were discovered over an hour later.  When police got there and took the temperature of the car it was 140 degrees and this was after it had cooled down for about 15 minutes.  As the mother of small children, I understand how they can get away from you in seconds but what I can't understand is not knowing where they are for over an hour.  Not only that, these same two toddlers had just gotten locked in this car a couple of weeks ago and the doors had to be opened up.  I just don't get people.

I hate to rant about God and his choice in weather but the weather we have experienced this year is so depressing.  It was so cold for so long and then rainy for so long and now it is scorching hot.  I miss the spring.  I had all of these big plans to do tons of stuff with the kids and it is just too hot.  Please send some reprieve!


This week my second great nephew entered into the world.  Ian David Freshwater arrived on June 21, 2010.  He is so tiny and sweet.  It almost, almost gives me baby fever again. 

I am really proud of the way Kanin has taken to swim lessons this week.  I thought he might not like getting water in his face but everyday he tells me that going underwater is his favorite part.  Maybe if he really takes to the swimming he might want to try out for a team in a few years.

During the USA's game today with Algeria, Landon Donovan provided one of my favorite sporting moments-ever.  The US would have been eliminated from the World Cup if the game would have ended at 0-0 and in extra minutes, Donovan scored a goal.  I was sitting in the floor changing Caleb's diaper when the ball went in.  It gave me chills!  Go USA!

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