Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vegas, It's My Kind of Town

I took my first Vegas trip in 2005, with Scott, Kanin, Rich (friend), Susie (niece) and Kelsey (niece).  It was a lot of fun but because Kanin was with us, I don't think that we really got to experience Vegas or the Strip like most people.  So, while I was glad to get to go, I don't really count that as actually going to Vegas.  We did a lot of family-type stuff, which you can totally do in Vegas, but not a lot of adult-type stuff.

Scott and I went alone for the first time in February 2007, for Valentine's Day.  We stayed at Ceasar's Palace and ate at the Mesa Grill (check out my restaurant blog where I wrote about this experience-click on the link).  We did a lot of walking the Strip (which you will always do), gambled and lots of people watching and sight-seeing.

(Sorry for the bad quality.  It was before I got my "good" camera)

Since that trip with Scott, I have been addicted to Vegas.  I love the energy, the bright lights, the weird people, the entertainers, the great places to eat, the shows to see.  I love the you can shop at the Forum Shops with every fashion designer known to man (Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Gucci, etc., etc) and you can walk out the door, cross the Boulevard and be at O'Shea's, one of the biggest dumps on the street.  I love that everyone gets dressed up at night.  I love the ring of the slot machines, the beauty of the Bellagio fountains and the smell of the old beer when walking by a casino.  I just love it.

One of my all-time favorite things to do in Vegas is to people watch.  Because there are so many people here from all over the world and because it always seems to be busy, you really "see all kinds".  This is my new favorite people-watching picture taken over the weekend.

(What an idiot-LOL)

I just got home at 1:30 in the morning last night and I already can't wait to go back. I'm sure if I lived there that I wouldn't be so in love with this town but since I don't, I enjoy every minute of it. It is a place that we can go where we have no responsibilities. We can act like totally idiots but no one notices. We can sleep all day and stay up all night if we want to. I love that we can just be totally free if just for a couple of days but I am always ready to come home.  Vegas is my outlet but home is my life and I love coming back to it.

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