Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trainer Workout #13

Warm up for 5 minutes.  Nothing too strenuous.

20 Shoulder Press with 20lbs.

Do the following circuit 3x each:
 -Shoulder Press at least 45lbs 15x
-15 tricep dips
-Using a 10lb dumbbell, hold the weight over your head and keep your arms close to your ears.  Slowly lower the weight behind your head and then lift it straight back up.  15x
-Using a bench or a chair, grab on behind you.  Extend your legs straight out in front of you and touch your heels to the ground then pull them up and touch your knees to your chest.  20x.

Rest for 2-3 minutes.

Do the following circuit 3x each:
Using a pulldown bar, switch the handles to the "V" looking one.     -Grab a hold of the handle and turn around with your back to the machine.  Lower yourself down until your back is parallel to the ground.  Extend your arms straight out in front of you and then bend them back behind your head.  Pull down back in front of you.  15x (I used 30lbs).
-Sit on the ground, bend your legs and keep your feet off the ground.  Lean back and touch your right elbow to the floor and then twist and touch your left elbow.  Do each side 20x.
-Lay all the way down and put your hands flat under your butt.  Lift your legs off the ground about 6-12 inches.  Hold for at least 30 seconds.  If this is too easy, lift your head.  If this is still too easy, do flutter kicks with your legs, rotate them in small circles or raise and lower them.

Rest 2-3 minutes.

Do the following circuit 3x each:
-Lay down on the double ab bench.  Secure your feet under the rollers at the bottom and grab a hold of the handles by  your head.  Crunch up with your feet and hands at the same time.  15x.
-Using the standing ab chair, grab on to the handles and hold yourself up using your hand (don't rest on your forearms).  Pull your knees up 10x.  Do this 2x through.  On the 3rd time, rest on your forearms.

Rest 2-3 minutes.

Do the following 2x each:
-Using a 15lb weighted ball, hold the ball over your head and throw it on the ground 15x.
-Plank on your elbows 1 min.

You are Finished!

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