Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today Has Been One of Those Days

The last couple of days have been rough around here and today, by far, has been the hardest.

Gracie has had goopy eyes for the past couple of days but woke up this morning with her eyes swollen shut with gunk all matted up in them.  I thought she probably had pink eye last night but when she started complaining of an ear ache this morning, I knew it was pink eye. 

We went to the doctor and by "we" I mean me and all 3 kids.  That was an experience.  Gracie was screaming the entire way to the doctor's office (about 20 minutes), screamed inside, refused to walk, refused to get on the scale and refused to talk to the doctor.  In the meantime, I had to grab her arm and drag her while carrying a 28lb baby in a car seat and trying to keep up with a six-year-old who still hasn't realized that you actually have to look where you are going when you walk.

So the doctor tells me that not only does Gracie have pink eye in both eyes but she has double ear infections, too.  Fantastic.

Then, we get to Costco to pick up the prescription and I realize that I don't have my Costco card.  Gracie had to pee, her normal routine at Costco-she must really like those bathrooms--there were about 15 people in line at the customer service desk and only 2 workers and it was after noon so Kanin told me every 15 second how hungry he was.

I finally got my new card and got to the pharmacy and, of course, her prescriptions weren't ready and it would take about 15-20 more minutes "if I wanted to go walk around and shop".  I must have shot the woman a look from the devil because she immediately said, "I'll see if I can speed them up". 

The medicine finally came and I was going to use my health savings card but I forgot the password.  No problem, I'll just do a credit transaction instead of debit.  WRONG.  Costco only does credit with an American Express card.  Fine, I'll just pay out of my own debit card.

We then run through McDonald's--don't judge me--and finaly make it home.

The World Cup was on and Brazil was playing North Korea.  Normally, I couldn't give a hoot about soccer but I suddenly find myself really into the World Cup and I wanted to see Brazil play.  About 15 minutes into the game, a huge storm hit and the satellite went out and didn't come back on until 78:12 (12 minutes before the game was over).

Scott finally got home and all was good until he decided it was time to leave for the baseball game.  He made a successful exit (no breakdowns from any kids) but then realized that he forgot his phone.  His second attempt was not successful.  Gracie screamed her head off for 20 minutes which, in turn, woke up Caleb who had only been sleeping for about 10 minutes.  It is now 3 hours later and he still has not gone back to sleep.  He is in the playpen, currently, with his eyes closed and screaming his head off.

Calgon, take me away!!

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  1. Sorry that you had such a bad day. If I were not feeling well myself, and afraid of getting pink eye, I could have came and helped out. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Love you, MOM