Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trainer Workout #14

Warm up for 5 minutes (nothing too strenuous).

Do the following rotation 4x:
-20 squats
-20 lunges each leg
-20 push-ups
-mountain climbers for 1 min

Rest 1-2 minutes

Do the following rotation 3x:
-Utilizing a barbell (I used 40lbs), squat and push the barbell above your head.  15 reps
-Sit on the edge of a chair or bench, put your legs out in front of you.  Bring your knees to your chest and back out barely allowing your feet to hit the ground.

Rest 1-2 minutes

Do the following rotation 3x:
-Barbell Squats 12-15 reps
-Squat 20 reps

Rest 1-2 minutes

Do the following rotation 3x:
-Bench press 12-15 reps (I used 65 total lbs.  Barbell (45) plus 10lb on each side
-Put one leg out in front of you in a lunge position.  Lunge on that same leg 20 reps.  Then, keeping the same leg in front of you, put your other leg on a bench or chair and try to go straight down in kind of an inverted lunge.  20 reps.  Change sides.
-Using a very high bench or chair, step up on 1 leg 20 reps then change legs.

Rest 1-3 minutes

Do the following rotation 3x:
-Over-exagerrated skull crushers.  Put a bench in front of the cable machine and change the cable so that you are lifting from the bottom.  Put a small handle on it and move your head to the end of the bench.  Grab a hold of the bar and let it go all of the way down to the ground.  Keep your elbows close to your head and your arms straight, pull the cable until your hands are almost over your abdomen.  12-15 reps
-Grab a 10lb weight, hold it above your head and lower it behind your head (working your triceps)  12-15 reps

You are finished!

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