Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?


The KBombers (my Fantasy Football team) have made their picks and we are ready for football season.  I know tonight is the official start but I'm more excited for Sunday where we will spend all day eating chili, wings, dips, and watching football.  The only thing better is if it were a little chillier so I could start a fire!  (Really I don't want to rush the winter but football Sundays beg for a roaring fire).

Do you play Fantasy Football?  I'm the only girl in an all guy league and I have won the entire championship one time.  Hoping to put the KBombers name back on that trophy this year.

Here's my team for this week and their opponents:

QB-Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons) vs Chicago
WR-Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions) vs Tampa Bay
WR-Dwayne Bowe (KC Chiefs) vs Buffalo
RB-Jamaal Charles (KC Chiefs) vs Buffalo
RB-Steven Jackson (St. Louis Rams-yeah!) vs Philadelphia
TE-Owen Daniels (Houston Texans) vs Indianapolis
K-Nate Kaeding (San Diego Chargers) vs Minnesota
DEF-New England Patriots vs Miami

Got any "must-have" recipes for football?  Message them to me and if I make them I will feature them on my food blog:

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  1. I love your new header!!!

    So happy that Football is starting tonight. My N.O Saints are taking on the Packers