Friday, September 9, 2011

Fitness Friday-Working Out at Home

I LOVE this new blog hop that I found a few weeks ago.  I love reading about others' fitness journey and from this hop I have even joined a Facebook group for Running Mommies.  I really feel that part of the success to a healthy lifestyle is support and these ladies are full of encouragement.

Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

This past week I have been a little bummed about running.  Last week I had Scott re-download some Army cadences and I literally had 3 of the best running days that I have had in probably 3 years.  (You can read about them here)  After those days of running, though, my neuroma popped back out along with the ganglion cyst so I had to take some days off.  I'm hoping to get up early tomorrow morning, though, and go at least 4 miles.

Instead of the pounding on my foot, I bought a couple new videos this week.  I gave up working out at a gym a few months ago and have lost more weight and gotten in better shape just doing it on my own.  


I love the ab portions of this DVD.  There are 3 separate sections:  upper abs, lower abs, and obliques.  I also like the fact that in this video once you have finished a body part, ie quads, hamstrings, then you don't go back to it.  I don't really like the fact that there is no cardio but my heart rate definitely rose because of the weights and the fast pace of going straight from one exercise to another.

The other video is back to my fitness guru Jillian Michaels' and her 6 Week Six-Pack

Although I've only done this workout one time, I just thought it was OK compared to her other DVDs.  I definitely was sweating during and after the workout but I guess I thought that there would be more core intensive or moves.  I never really felt "the burn" during Level 1 but I know that I was burning fat because my heart rate did increase.  I will definitely work this DVD into my rotation.

 Do you have any favorite home workouts?  I'd love to hear about them.


  1. I have heard that the Jillian Michaels Shred is great. I have not tried it personally. I keep thinking I should get something and that was when it is rainy or I am kind of tired, I will have no excuse since I don't even have to leave the house. I am glad to hear that you have had success with the DVDs.

    Found you on Fitness Friday hop!

  2. I love Jillian's 30 Day Shred. It only takes just over 20 minutes and is very hard and effective.

    I also like her Last Chance Workout DVD under the Biggest Loser series.

    If you want just hard body resitance workouts, then check out bodyrocktv.... Good luck

  3. I am a huge huge fan of A lot of her older workouts are bodyweight only. I have been doing it for almost a year now. IT is FREE and the best thing I have ever come across. Big hugs to Elle for giving it a shout out too! Where is a good place to find army cadences?

  4. I don't have any home workouts. I live in an apartment building and I'm always afraid I'll be disruptive to the people below me. I'm going to check out Christy's suggestion of Bodyrocktv though.

    I found you from the Fitness Friday blog hop.

  5. I gave up the gym in Oct of last year and have never looked back. After I gave up the gym, the results I've had working out at home are better than I ever had working out at the gym.

    I definitely have a favorite..P90X and P90X Plus! Can't wait for P90X2!

    Sorry to hear about the neuroma. I had 2 surgeries in Mar and Apr of this year to remove one from each foot. The pain just wouldn't go away. Hope you feel better soon.

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  6. What a cool blog hop! I've been looking for something like that.

    I had to google Neuroma. Yikes! I hope you get better!

  7. hope you feel better soon! I do at home workouts sometimes...mostly yoga, ab workouts or occasionally a Jillian Michaels workout. I prefer a run or the gym though for a class.

  8. I love Zuzana's workouts;
    She posts a new workout every couple of day. They're incredibly intense, you can do them at home with minimal equipment AND they're free!
    Thanks for the great Friday Fitness post!

    Tamara (fitknitchick)