Friday, September 16, 2011

Fitness Friday-Diet

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Today is Fitness Friday and I wanted to take the chance to talk about one of the most important thing in health and weight loss . . .diet.

I don't know about you guys but it always seems to be like the more I work out and the more dedicated I am to the fitness side of health then the more my diet tanks.  I'm not really quite sure why that is.  I try to be more conscientious during those times but I don't know if maybe I'm excusing my diet by thinking,  
 "I can have these chips and salsa today because I did just run 5 miles this morning."

I also find, like a lot of people, that I can eat so good all day long but right around 7pm, I start getting the munchies.  I guess that wouldn't be a bad thing if I would want a piece of fruit or vegetables but my munchies always include carbs.  Always. 

Do you have issues balancing your fitness and diet?  Is one easier for you?


  1. I hear you. I am always thinking well I run all those miles I can eat this piece of cake, four cookies, whatever. I know eventually it will all catch up with me.

  2. I eat before I go running, although that may change now that the days are shorter. But usually I eat dinner around 5, then run around 7 so I have enough energy but also enough time to digest. Then I don't eat again that night. I tend to not be hungry after a long run.

    It is hard though because timing for me is key. If I eat too early, I hit the wall on my run. If I eat too late, I taste my dinner on my run. So I eat weird things at weird times. I can't meet anyone for dinner because nobody wants to eat at 5 pm!

    I found that keeping a log (I use LoseIt, but some have found MyFitnessPal good too) really, really helps. That way you are NOT saying, "I ran 5 miles so I can eat this". You are saying, "I ran 5 miles so I can eat half of this to stay under my goal"... I find it makes me more accountable.

  3. I have been a Weight Watchers lifetime member for eons! Love the program because it has a quantitative way to monitor those exercise/food
    checks and balances.

    I sometimes have that mindset where I think I a free licence to eat ANYTHING because I have EARNED it, too. Thankfully not too often.

  4. I exercise daily and am addicted to my workout routines...but, I really struggle with eating. I need more will power!

  5. I understand that eating is the hardest part of maintenance. I do think though when I get the munchies at night that it is probably because even though I ate healthy I didnt eat enough calories. Who know that would be my biggest struggle these days.

  6. It took me forever to find the right balance of fitness and nutrition. I'm not by any means perfect but I have found what works for me (after much trial and error).

    Ironically, most often my biggest problem was not eating enough. My calorie intake was not enough to sustain the level of activity I was demanding from my body.

    Good luck and keep at it. You'll find what works for you.

  7. I am really trying to win this battle myself. I think I am doing better by keeping more fruits and veggies around and then the temptation of other stuff is not so great.

    Good luck! It's hard - but it can be done!