Friday, September 23, 2011

Fitness Friday: Keeping Hydrated

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This week I've seen a lot of runners wearing these things:

 Even though the weather is cooling off, I understand that there is still the need to keep hydrated but this thing looks so uncomfortable to me.  I can just imagine running with 4 bottles of water or Power Aid or whatever and all of that pressure on my hips.  

When I was training for my one and only full marathon back in 2002 (the Thunder Mountain Marathon in Sierra Vista, AZ), I wore a Camel Pack as I got into the 16, 18, and 20 mile runs.  

I didn't wear one on the actual race, though, as I assumed that it would be well supported with plenty of water stations . . . BIG MISTAKE!  Anyway, while at times the Camel Pack was uncomfortable it was also super convenient in that the straw part was right at my mouth.  Of course, at first, the Pack was heavy but after a few miles it got lighter and lighter but it just seems to me like the constant jarring of running with the belt on my hips would really end up hurting.

Do you run with one?  Do you like it?  Are there any tricks?


  1. I don't run with anything. I too was wondering about these. I tried running with a camel FANNY pack once and ended up tightening it up right below my boobs, since it would NOT stay on my hips. It was not comfortable. AT ALL! So, when you get the answer to this question, I am curious to hear it too!

    Didn't the pack jounce around too?

  2. I dont run with anything, I also think about getting the waist belt pack but i am afraid the dang thing would throw me off. I really am not sure I will ever run more than a half so I think I should be okay without it but than again it might be amazing to have!

  3. I run with a handheld bottle...I think that anything else would throw me off.

  4. I'm not a runner - more of a Zumba/Pilates/Power Plate/rebounder kind of an exerciser. My whole family did use a similar belt with water bottle when we went skiing, though. The belt with water bottle worked well for that, although I can imagine it wouldn't be the best for running. I'm your newest follower from Fitness Friday Blog Hop! Deb @