Friday, September 16, 2011

St. Louis Balloon Glow

This is a very picture-intense post :)

For years I have wanted to go to The Great Forest Park Balloon Race but it always seemed to fall on a weekend where we already had plans.  This year, though, I was excited to find out that we had nothing planned so I took Kanin and Gracie down for the Balloon Glow.  Caleb stayed with Mama and Papa and Gaga was working but we are hoping that we all can go next year.

This is a HUGE event in St. Louis so as soon as I picked Kanin up from school, I put the kids in the car and we headed off.  I took a blanket but decided that we would just eat down there.  Next year I will know better.  Although there were plenty of food stands, they were all pretty pricey and most people brought their own food, drinks, chairs, and blankets.

We got down there about an hour and a half before the event was to start but were really excited when the first balloon went up.
The kids played a bit in the field before the other balloons aired up.

By the time everything started, there were A LOT of people there.
When those balloons started to come out, it was so exciting.  The kids went crazy!

As it slowly got darker and darker, Balloon Glow really kicked off.


This was so much fun and I cannot wait to go again next year!


  1. How cool! I would love to go to a hot air balloon festival one day. And I am loving your new header pics. The family that cheers together stays together, right?! haha.

  2. VERY NEAT! What great pics, especially the ones as the sun came down. Perfectly captured. I've never seen hot air balloons up close and personal, but I'm sure it's pretty darn cool :)

  3. Great pictures! We've never been, but we will definitely be going next year.