Friday, September 9, 2011

The Hockey Tragedy

I am fairly new to the game of hockey.  I grew up in Southeast Missouri and no one played hockey or even talked about hockey.  Basketball was king in our town.  Of course, we also loved the Cardinals but nothing about hockey.

It really has only been in the last 7 years, since I've been with Scott, that I've watched hockey.  Before meeting him I had only been to 1 hockey game in my entire life.  Over the last few years, though, I have grown to love and become very passionate about the game and the players.  I know that some of this is due in part to Kanin's love for the game and watching him out on the ice.
I guess that is why when I got the text on Wednesday that a Russian plane carrying 43 hockey players, coaches, and personnel had crashed, it really made me sad.  I couldn't get it off of my mind.  Later on it was reported that former beloved Blues player, Pavol Demitra, was among the dead I just couldn't believe it.

You see, hockey players are different than other sports stars.  They are approachable.  They hang out at the same places that you and I do.  You are just as likely to run into one of the Blues players at a Subway as you are a five star restaurant.  Hockey players are as tough and gritty as they are emotional and graceful.  They wear their emotions on their sleeves whether it be in an angry fight center ice or a crying breakdown at the announcement of their retirement.  

I guess that's why when I saw this video on Yahoo I just had to re-post it. I have no idea what they are saying but I know what they are feeling.  If you'd like to read the story that accompanies the video, you can click HERE.


  1. It's so sad to hear about this.

    Reminds me of that We are Marshall story. So sad!!

    My heart aches for their families and friends and fans