Monday, September 5, 2011

Miscellany Monday-Labor Day Weekend

Miscellany Monday @
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{1} This weekend I re-downloaded some Army cadences onto my iPod and I love the difference it has made.  Even though I will probably never run in a formation again, I love that I get the feel and sound of it by running to these cadences.  Because I have been running more this week, my shins are hurting a bit.  I've got to rest today-Boo!

{2} This past Thursday we had a High of 101 in St. Louis and a Low of 75.  Today it is supposed to be a High of 75 and a Low of 47. 
I'm glad that it is cooling off but I don't understand how in the span of 4 days there can be almost a 30 degree difference.

{3} On Saturday, when it was 101, we decided to let the kids have one last hoorah on the waterslide.  These slides are expensive but so worth it--the kids love it, no packing everyone up to go to the subdivision pool, no having to deal with other kids, use our own bathroom, easy acces to snacks and drinks.  Love it!

This baby could not do this by himself last year.

{4} Today is looking to be a lazy day.  We will probably grill, watch a little baseball (unless the Cards totally get pummeled again), sit outside with some neighbors, and then get ready to go back to school this week.


  1. Oh my goodness, your daughters bathing suit is too cute!!! And that 30 degree temp change is wild, reminds me of Massachusetts a little ;) Happy Labor Day!

  2. looks like the kids had a ball! thanks for visiting my site!

  3. looks like fun. we only used our slide like that TWICE because we have been on mandatory water rations by the city since June :( NO FUN! our weather has cooled off drastically too, so that's good news for both of us! Don't know if I could run to cadence! I'd need you as my running buddy, teaching me how to do it!

  4. look at those cute kiddos! i'm a running junkie, too... you rock! : )