Friday, September 30, 2011

Run the Whole Time or Walk Some?

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If you are a runner, do you ever walk on your long runs or on those runs that you are trying to push yourself up to that next mile mark?

The last few weeks have cooled off in St. Louis and I have finally gotten back in to running again.  While on my 6 mile run (yay!) yesterday, I was thinking how I really wanted to get to that 6 mile mark but I didn't want to walk any of it.  I don't know why it was such a big deal to me that I actually run the whole time because 6 miles is 6 miles no matter how you get there.

On this same note, though, when I was training for the one and only full marathon that I have or will ever do, I didn't think it was a big deal to run/walk during training.  

I have found runners to be among the most supportive athletes out there and I have been met with nothing positive support from other runners that I have met so I don't know why I have an "issue" of taking a break and walking a bit if I need it.  I think that, for me, it is more of an ego thing that I just need to get over.

What is your approach?  Do you run/walk?  If so, is there a certain method that you use?

If you just run the whole thing, is there a reason?  What do you think about people who walk during their runs?


  1. I would love to never walk. I hate when I have to. But I do walk if needed (esp. now that I'm not as fit as my marathon days). I just figure it's allowing me to continue and go farther than if I had to stop bc I was completely spent from running. But then I usually start to run again, when I feel more rested.

  2. I used to always do 9min/1min run/walk intervals. Since I have started running longer, I am doing my long slow runs without them.

    And my shorter runs, like 3 - 5 km I often don't use them either. It varies. And sometimes I am doing 14/1 too instead of the 9/1.

    I know exactly how you felt when you wanted to run that 6 miles without walking though. I went through that with an 8-miler a couple of weeks ago. Determined not to walk even though the last mile I felt like I was dying!

    It is such a personal thing and for me, on 5km or more, I can run faster on the run intervals, knowing there is going to be a walk break soon.

  3. Anytime I've used walking during long runs I do a specific interval. First 10th of every mile or something like that. Once I trained using this method for a half but found that during the race I couldn't bring myself to walk. I think its' John Bingham with a well know and very popular walk/run approach to running.

    For the most part I don't walk but I think if you need to walk then walk.

  4. I don't set out with the intention of doing a run/walk. I first start out and run for as long as possible. At some point after 1-1/2 to 2 miles, I get the urge to walk. I push it out for a bit longer but usually cave. But I only let myself walk briefly, because for me anyway the longer I walk the harder it is to start running again. I say whatever works! If you need to walk don't beat yourself up about it. In the end if walking a little aids your endurance and increases your distance, that's all for the best!

  5. The "fear" of walking kept me from running any races or going very far. I use to think if I can not do the whole thing running what's the point. I totally changed my attitude towards that. I run what I can and walk what I need to. In the end I still feel wonderful because I finished what I set out to do - Finish.

  6. I rarely run/walk unless I am doing a long run with someone who does it. But whatever you need to do that helps you to safely reach your goals is all good in my book :)

  7. great post! I do the same thing while I'm out there running. I set personal goals for myself and it means a lot to me to run and not stop to walk. Not that walking is bad, it's just a goal I set for myself...but sometimes I do have to walk and that's ok too! I talked to a woman yesterday that runs marathons to stay fit and she does 5:1 and says it works well for her. I REALLY wanna set out to run the entire half in Jan, but we'll see what happens!