Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 Young Kids=3 new Spring Wardrobes

I have been a very busy Mommy today.  Last summer my friend, JoAnna, kept talking about the consignment shops and sales that she consigns and shops at.  I had never heard of the consignment sales and had no clue about how to actually be a consignor.  After some coaching, I entered my first sale in November and made over $100 on some of the kids' unused toys.  Wow!  I also ended up taking a bunch of stuff to a consignment store and I currently have over $150 in my account.

After those successes, I started putting clothes back for the Spring sale.  When going through the kids' closets I realized that they will all 3 need new clothes this Spring.  Kanin was wearing 5T/XS4 at the beginning of the school year and now is in size 6.  GracieAnn's Spring clothes from last year were 3T and she is now in 4T.  Caleb, well, Caleb was wearing 12 months and is now in 24 months. 

3 growing kids=3 kids that need new clothes.

So, I started my tagging today.  It is a long, tedious process but I'm hoping to make at least $100 to help offset the cost.

Here is the pile that has already been ironed, hung, and tagged.

Here are the clothes that I still have to go through.

Here are the clothes, so far, that are going straight to the consignment shop.

If items don't sell at the consignment shop, then they are donated to the local charities so I get to make a little money back while also donating.  It's a win-win!


  1. Too funny...we were both posting the same thing at the exact same time! lol! I haven't started tagging clothes yet...yikes!

  2. I want to do that! When you get time, will you send me the info? :)