Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally to the Park!

After a loooonnnnggg, cold winter we finally got to get out and get some sunshine.  It got up in the '60's today!  So, what to do on a warm, sunny (almost) Spring day?  Go to the park!

I am SO in love with this baby.  How sweet is this smile?

It was really neat to see Gracie on this climbing wall this year.  Last year we had to help her climb up and this year she went up it over and over again.

"I did it!"

"My Sunshine."  It just amazes me that this child has never taken a bad picture in his life.

I was so proud of Kanin for going all the way across the bars.  He was pretty proud of himself, too. 


  1. I love all these 'action' photos, you do a great job capturing the moment. And woohoo for spring weather. I am sure you were feeling a little bit of the cabin fever. I am crossing my fingers it is here to stay for both of us!!

  2. LOVE these shots! They look SO happy and you have such a beautiful family :) Enjoy your time outside in the pretty weather! Here its suppose to be 80+ today, sounds like a day to get some sun for us too!