Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Starting the Transition . . .

I have contemplated this for a long time but I THINK that I am going to move my blog over to Wordpress.  I don't really have a reason for doing it other than I just want to try it.  Good reason, huh?

Thanks to Heather from One Take On Life for being a blog inspiration yesterday and answering some questions.

If you have recently made the switch, what do you think?  Do you have your own domain?  Who did you use?  Any advice?

BTW, I will let you all know when "it" happens.


  1. I'd be afraid I would mess something up, and my whole blog would be completely destroyed! Good Luck :)

  2. Fun! Take it at your own pace. You can always set up a dummy blog to play around with, I have one of those that I test things on.

    I didn't have a big reason either, I just wanted more of a challenge, that was it!

  3. Good luck, I tried one time and ran back to Blogger with my tail between my legs! I am nervous enough about using a new comment system. Let me know how it works out!