Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's Your Fitness Routine?

I am really excited for the link up at For the Love of Blogs today.  The topic is "Getting Fit".

Here's my fitness story:
I have always been physical, loved sports, and in good shape.  I was very active and thin in high school and college.  I ate everything in sight and never gained a pound.
It wasn't until after graduation and getting a job as a teacher that I slowly started to gain weight.  I went from walking to classes and all over campus everyday to sitting behind a desk all day.  I continued eating the same fatty foods but without the activity my body slowly started to change.  Even with the decrease in activity I didn't really pack on pounds until I started taking a medication that made me gain 15lbs.  I  swear I have been fighting these 15lbs for 10 years.
Even with the weight gain, I stayed active.  When I left teaching and joined the Army in 1999, those 15lbs melted off but as soon as basic training and AIT was over they were back again.
Since leaving the Army I have had three kids, two of them in two years.  While I never got huge with any of my pregnancies, I did retain some weight with each one.  Couple the pregnancies with a constantly reoccuring old Army injury and it has been a tough journey.
I have read every book, tried every diet, every pill, and every exercise program available and I feel like I have finally found the keys that are working for me.  I should make it clear than I am not a big person by the world's standards and I don't have gobs and gobs to lose but no matter how many people tell me that I look good, I am doing this for myself and I won't be satisfied until I look a certain way.
Since November 2009, I have lost 18lbs.  I would really like to lose another 5-10lbs but I am more concerned with how my body looks and how my clothes fit.
OK, here are my tips:
1.  I joined Weight Watchers.  I cannot say enough about WW.  While I haven't always followed their guidelines, the WW program really helped me to understand portion sizes, carbs, calories, proteins, and fiber.
2.  I discovered Jillian Michaels.  The Jillian Michaels videos are better than any exercise routine that I have had other than Army basic training. 
3.  I have tried the Jillian Michaels videos before and failed because I was comparing myself to Jillian and the girls on the video.  Once I realized that they are paid to do nothing but workout and they are able to stop videoing and do re-takes at any moment, I realized that I needed to take a different approach.
*I do not try to do rep-for-rep.  I go at my own pace without quitting for the entire time.
*If there is an exercise that I absolutely cannot do, I do something else just as hard for the same amount of time.
*I switch up the levels, weights, and videos so I don't get bored.
4.  I don't get down on myself if I skip a day but I try to do something active every single day.
5. I try to eat a salad at each meal.
6.  I drink at least 32oz of water everyday.
The biggest thing that has helped me is that I allow myself to still enjoy life, enjoy dinners, and enjoy a good bottle glass of vino with friends.  I love food so much and I have realized that I need to have those times where I enjoy food.  In all of the times before, I would try to deprive myself and then fall off of the wagon within a couple of days.  After binging, came guilt (and weight).  This time is different.  NO GUILT!
And just because every post needs a picture, this is the body I'd love to have:


  1. I need to get a fitness routine.. I just need motivation, time.. I know I'm just lazy and I need to get over it. I was thinking of getting the Jillian Michael's dvds.. I've heard good things about them..

    Great tips!

  2. I'm hoping to get started now that the weather is warming up.

    New follower from the hop.
    Hope you can hop by and visit me:'

  3. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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